Saturday, November 7, 2009

Perfect and Gentle

Mechanical owl eyes clicking,

Watching. You're perfect and gentle.
I made parts of songs for you,
A pair of hearts, and also, a bite-size for you.

Sometimes I lose my sight of you.
It seems to me you've been leaving things behind.

I bought the same sheets as you,
Pieces of pieces of me and some pieces
Of you.

Mechanical owl eyes clicking,
Blinking. Exploring.
Humidity clings me a desperate lover.

Mechanical love-shapes beating,
Clicking, t
the immobility
Of a chain link hope.

Pink morphs itself, reflecting orange. The pelicans dive.
There's a place where the sky is almost white before it disappears.

Memories left by the wayside return to the earth on their own.
Still, I had wanted everything to be so nice.

Mechanical owl eyes clicking.
You're perfect and gentle, my apple.
I have parts of songs for you,
I'll sing for you. I'm watching, still
I may lose sight of you.

1 comment:

Raphael said...

I love the "pieces of pieces of me". A really evocative poem; the mechanical owl straight out of mythology, observing and recording the memories that will then haunt us, feeding us strange fruit on lonely humid nights. Thank you for the share; i may refer to this one again and again...