Friday, June 1, 2001

Chocolate Milk Summer

You won’t even know
all the stuff I don’t say,
all the stuff I keep inside,
all the ways that the words don’t come out.
all the ways that I savor you
like chocolate milk.

I want my mouth on you
I want to feel your breath near my lips
I want your hands around
my skinny muscular arms
I want to surrender to you
in the same way that I fight everything else.
I have a craving for you,
like chocolate milk.

When I read your letters
I get drunk on you
high on you
into you.
I drink you body and soul,
like chocolate milk.

It’s lonely here
the temperature seems fake,
I’m not used to it,
the window is wide open
and the ocean sounds of the highway cars
are not city sounds,
not country sounds,
nor anything like you.

The clock radio is lying about the time
and the songs are faint and I don’t know
any of them.
I’ve left my clothes in piles
cans of peas and corn and lima beans

I miss you, I miss being home,
I only use up a third of the bed when I sleep.
I went grocery shopping in a small town
and bought chocolate milk.

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